Nervous About Our Trip to Canada

I'm nervous about our trip to Canada this coming Sunday. 

I don't know what to expect traveling with three small children. The last time I was on an airplane with my kids was back in 2010, and back then, I found it stressfull with only two kids. They are a bit older now and more independent, but I'm not sure what to expect with my youngest. He'll be turning three this summer and has never been on an airplane.

The positive side is that my niece will be coming along. She has been studying English for the last few years and this is an opportunity for her to go abroad and visit an English speaking country. She's super excited and nervous at the same time. I feel honoured and grateful that she chose the country that grew up in, as her first abroad experience. (Even though I grew up in an Italian family, I am still a proud Canadian.)  :-)

We will be flying out of Berlin to Amsterdam, then to Chicago, and then to Detroit. I'm not sure how customs will be in Chicago. I'm nervous that it will take a long time to get through and that we will miss our flight. The time between connecting flights are really tight. 

To avoid waiting time in general, we will be travelling with one luggage for five people. It might sound unrealistic to some, but we won't be bringing too many clothes. The gifts that I have purchased so far are small ones that will fit nicely into the suitcase without taking up too much space. 

I'm not sure what to expect but I will definitely write an update as soon as I can. My parents don't have internet at their house, so it'll have to wait till I get back.

Enjoy the month of June and see you when I get back. :-)

In cucina con amore,

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